grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2020
    • Fri. 27 November. > 20:00

Lisaboa Houbrechts | Harmonia Sacra


Lisaboa Houbrechts’s new show is a previously unseen and remarkable collaboration with Harmonia Sacra’s musicians and singers. A committed feminist reinterpretation of Dull Gret, main character of one of the Flemish painter’s paintings.  

With Bruegel, Lisaboa Houbrechts paints a multicolored portrait of Pieter Bruegel the Elder at the time when he created Dull Gret – the insulted woman, called “mannish” for she gathered objects to loot Hell. What if she wasn’t stealing but trying to protect them instead? Lisaboa Houbrechts tells a story starting from lost objects, so many proofs of a most troubled time in Nederland, when the country was disturbed by religious wars, famine and the progressive coming of the Little Ice Age, raging and inducing terrible headlong rush.   

International collaboration (FLA/BE)
a project by PULS/Toonelhuis, Hauts-de-France Vlandereen Region collaboration


text & direction Lisaboa Houbrechts
cast Rand Abou Fakher, Romy Louise Lauwers, Louise Bergez, Lobke Leirens, Andrew Van Ostade, Anne-Laure Vandeputte
music Mostafa Taleb (kamancha) / Harmonia Sacra Jérôme Bertier (organ), Florent Baffi (song), Capucine Meens (song), Stéphanie Revillion (song)