Diotime et les lions

starting from 7 years
  • 2019
    • Wed. 06 March. > 3pm and 7pm
    • Sat. 09 March. > 4pm

40 min.

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dance young audience and family viewing

Mylène Benoit and Magda Kachouche
d’après d’Henry Bauchau

Mylene Benoit has been welcomed many times at the phénix. She adapts today a fable by Belgian writer Henry Bauchau. Diotime et les lions (1991) tells man facing the animal and patriarchal tradition against a woman’s destiny. In ancient Persia, young Diotime aged 14 dreams about taking part to the annual rite uniting her people – a fight to death between the ancestors and lions. This two-day and one night war is only for men. Breaking the rules of her clan, the untamable teenager will face the wild beasts and discover the source of her power. To adapt the initiatory tale, the choreographer and visual artist Mylène Benoit, together with her friend Magda Kachouche imagines an interactive system for two actors. Like an open workshop, the stage welcomes videos and projected images, swathing the dance of men and lions in enchanting lighting. Far from being a simple viewer, members of the audience get involved in the ceremony, supporting Diotime’s fight with chanting and a few simple and yet never useless movements.


avec Céline Cartillier et Magda Kachouche ou Mylène Benoit (en alternance)
création musicale Nicolas Devos et Pénélope Michel 
production Contour Progressif
administration, production, presse Alter Machine  Carole  Willemot, Noura Sairour, Elisabeth Le Coënt
diffusion Juliette Malot

partenaires Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix Hauts-de-France, Le Phare CCN du Havre Normandie, L’Échangeur CDCN Hauts-de-France, Centre Chorégraphique National – Ballet de Lorraine, Centre Dramatique National de Montpellier, Culture Commune Scène Nationale du Bassin Minier du Pas de Calais 

en famille
séances scolaires

rencontre à l’issue de chaque représentation

forum loustix, goûter participatif et atelier avec les artistes : 2 € / participant (adulte et enfant), sur réservation > mer. 6 mars > 16h