studio - phénix

starting from 3 years
  • 2018
    • Wed. 03 October. > 17h30

35 min.

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young audience and family viewing dance

de Sylvie Balestra, Cie Sylex

Let’s go back to the basics. To ancient rites. To being primarily enthralled by animals. Let’s make this journey back to the roots together and watch a peculiar show where a woman turns into numerous animals. Grrrrrr is an invitation to dance for children aged 3, a fluffy solo show !
The scenography itself takes us back to the roots of entertainment. Sitting in a circle, our children surround the dancer who’s wearing an impressive costume made with skins, feathers and hair. She becomes in turns a tiger a horse and a bird… Children know these animals. Have they ever seen them for real ? It doesn’t matter. Through books ans tales, they already live in their imagination. The little darlings experience the joy of movement and the opportunity to express themselves through dancing. The whole body may be committed or only a hand, an eye or a smile… The show ends up with a ball. Standing crawling or jumping, each one is invited to take part to the choreography. A show AND an introduction to dancing.


avec en alternance Sylvie Balestra et Aude le Bihan
regard extérieur Cyrielle Bloy
conception et réalisation des costumes Lucie Hannequin
compositeur David Cabiac
créateur lumière Eric Blosse
accompagnement et développement Vanessa Vallée
production déléguée SYLEX
coproduction DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine – aide à la création Fumel-communauté (47) avec le soutien du Carré-Colonnes scène métropolitaine (33) / SYLEX est soutenue par la région Nouvelle Aquitaine et le Conseil départemental du Lot-et-Garonne


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