Homeless songs

  • 2020
    • Tue. 24 November. > 20:00

Stephan Eicher


In Homeless songs, Stephan Eicher’s warm husky voice is whispering to you. This warm melancholic album echoes back to a difficult time of his life, and the artist chose to sincerely and simply tell about it. A beautiful mix between essential folk music and the refined atmosphere of orchestra music.

 For more than thirty years, Stephan Eicher has been experimenting and challenging his art. He began in the early 80s with techno pop music (Grauzone). He then had a go at rock music, songs and tried more traditional instruments he mixed with modern rhythms. His music has consequently become rich and manifold. In 2012, he was alone on stage with L’Envolée and accompanied by automatons. He invented a show with a Balkan brass band. In Homeless songs he worked together again with his two loyal lyric writers – French Philippe Djian and Swiss Martin Suter. Fourteen new songs enlightened by acoustic instruments and performed with great emotion. They echo in us as songs of a freed man. 

Phénix voyageur


guitar, songs Stephan Eicher
piano Reyn Ouwehand
vibraphone, xylophone, mandolin, cello, song Heidi Happy 
bass, horn, keyboard Baptiste Germser