Le Jeu de l’amour et du hasard

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  • 2019
    • Tue. 26 March. > 8pm
    • Wed. 27 March. > 8pm
    • Thu. 28 March. > 8pm
    • Fri. 29 March. > 8pm


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theatre young audience and family viewing outside the walls

de Marivaux
mise en scène Benoît Lambert 

After often adapting Molière and Musset, Benoit Lambert adapts Marivaux who he considers as the liaison between the two playwrights. Particularly as in the manner of Tartuffe and Fantasia, The Game of Love and Chance is a comedy about arranged marriage – fundamental subject of French theatre heritage. If the objective is crystal clear – Orgon arranges the marriage of his daughter Silvia with Dorante, the son of one of his friend but leaves the final decision to the girl depending on whether she likes him or not. The plot is gladly twisted as the future grooms become the servants while the servants play the role of the grooms. That is to say some cruel fool’s game as pointer of the feelings of love and oppression as well. Formidable eye on his contemporaries, Marivaux suggests here that love encounters the uncompromising law of class society… In a set looking like both a cabinet of curiosities and a winter garden, the director directs his actors with perfect accuracy. It results in some bitter sweet comedy. Benoit Lambert brilliantly follows the path of his mentor Jean-Pierre Vincent with a great comedy turned into class and sex warfare.


avec Robert Angebaud, Rosalie Comby, Etienne Grebot, Edith Mailaender, Martin Sève, Antoine Vincenot
assistant à la mise en scène Raphaël Patout
scénographie et lumière Antoine Franchet
son Jean-Marc Bezou
costumes Violaine L.Chartier
coiffures et maquillages Marion Bidaud
régie générale et lumières Julien Poupon
régie plateau Geoffroy Cloix
régie don Samuel Babouillard
production Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne, CDN
avec le soutien de Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté; FONPEPS; FIJAD, Fonds d’Insertion pour Jeunes Artistes Dramatiques — DRAC et Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

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