NICKEL ! Sas créatif vers l’apprentissage

studio - phénix

starting from 12 years
  • 2017
    • Thu. 22 June. > 8pm


free entry by reservation



After Haute Soudure in 2014, the phénix instates a new project, Nickel! Sas créatif vers l’apprentissage (Creative entrance into apprenticeship) dedicated to forty young people who wish to specify their career objectives in the metalworking industry. Besides the opportunity to know more about career potential in the industry and to be individually counseled, this groundbreaking project consists in empowering people’s potential through artistic creation, together with Guy Alloucherie and the HVDZ company. Twice in a fortnight, actors will guide young people involved in the project and work with them on matters of identity, finding one’s place in society, the relationship to others and self-esteem. They will become both actor and director of a film that will be shown to an audience.

« By building on art media, a driving force may enable some new speech, allow exchange and create new relationships. We give them the opportunity to see their life project and consequently their career project from a new perspective. » Guy Alloucherie, Hendrick Van Der Zee company


Nickel ! sas créatif vers l’apprentissage est un projet cofinancé par l’Union européenne avec le Fonds social européen et dans le cadre de l’Initiative pour l’Emploi des Jeunes. Projet soutenu par le conseil régional Hauts-de-France et le conseil départemental du Nord. En partenariat avec l’UIMM Grand Hainaut, l’AFPI, les associations d’accompagnement à la formation et à l’emploi des jeunes.

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