2018 editorial


The Other is an essential topic to us. No one should remain trapped in one’s identity. Nobody has to. What we call « culture » implies openmindedness towards the other so as not to become quaint.

This love of others, this intellectual curiosity require more than ever that the community provide education, culture and solidarity. It’s high time we invented « a contributory economy » as written by Bernard Stiegler. We are becoming aware lately that the future does depend on our ability to share a common culture, man’s culture to be able to manage the resources of our tiring Earth.

© Samuel Buton – les Voyages – Compagnie XY
Résidence Valenciennes Métropole, avril-mai 2018

Artists break walls, stereotypes and silences. It is happening here in Valenciennes, just like in Asia where the Phénix launched the very first collaboration between a European theatre and a Taiwanese theatre so as to learn to know each other. You’re invited to discover various renditions and new shows performed throughout the season. These can be demanding but you deserve the best. Our duty as public service relies on sharing with different kinds of audiences. Travelling workshops, preparing the audience, cultural social and educational partnerships, shows performed outside the theatre (in other cities, hospitals), pilot projects, collaborations with the Next festival, Cabarets of Curiosities…

This is a true profusion of experiences and artistic approaches happening really close to home and carefully prepared by a whole team and we would be delighted to share it with you.

Romaric Daurier, director