2017 edito > Reopening the realm of possibility

We are lucky. Or maybe, today more than ever we are becoming aware of how lucky we are.

We are lucky enough to live in a country that has not turned in on itself.
We are lucky enough to send our children to school, a school taking them to the theater to discover the performing arts and its performers.
We are lucky enough to welcome local, European artists as well as artists from all over the world. They can perform, rehearse and meet their audience here.
We are lucky enough to have financial means as well as everyday support, enabling these artists to be audacious, uncommon, generous and uncompromising.

The audience is lucky enough to discover the best of today’s performing arts. There is no need to travel 300 kms or live in a capital city to enjoy the very best. Right here we are also entitled to the very best.

The audience is lucky enough to enjoy culture without spending a fortune.

These people living faraway from big cities, who do not dare to enter theaters are lucky enough to attend workshops and get involved in artistic adventures and projects spread all over the metropolitan territory.

We are lucky enough to share the adventure with cultural, social, economic and educational partners. They help us make it happen and their kindness makes it matter.

Why are we so lucky ? Why is the French cultural exception an example to the rest of the world ? Why is Valenciennes the « Athens of the north »? Why a European creative hub here?

Our luck maybe called collective intelligence.

We believe in man, in his ability to empowerment.
We believe that our efforts must be doubled through historical circumstances.
We believe in art ingenuity, mystery and fragility.
Our luck maybe called shared will or political will.

It is about open-mindedness, about crossing barriers. It is our identity. It has been so for a long time.
Our luck maybe called team chemistry, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Supporting otherness is more important than the community’s identity.
Let’s realize our luck. Right here and now. Let’s go to the theatre.

Have a lovely year !

Romaric DAURIER, director