Fabrique du commun, des alliances fabuleuses

fabrique 1

  • 2021
    • Wed. 10 March. > 10:00
    • Thu. 11 March. > 09:30
    • Fri. 12 March. > 09:30

45min (10), 30min (11) and 2h (12 march)


cabaret of curiosities lectures / meetings

Collectif Kom.post

To pay tribute to the common of those who have nothing in common, to put into shared conversation singularities that their lifestyles and actions keep separate. 

For over a year in Valenciennes, Artist Laurie Ballanca & philosopher and playwright Camille Louis have been meeting people involved in cultural organisations; activists or members of various organisations. They’re looking for unlikely collaborations giving life to the region as well as their echo in other territories. Join these interactions to create new stories for today’s world.


conception Laurie Bellanca, Maria Kakogianni, Camille Louis 

Radio broadcast with the Ramdam and phénix’s teams

Friday, 12th March – 9.30 am

Fabrique 4 and live on Facebook