cabaret of curiosities 2018 > 15th-17th March 2018


This contemporary festival brings together every year artists from performing arts and visual arts to try to answer a thematic question mixing aesthetics and politics. Previously disaster, performance, storytelling, the aliens, then end of democracy, pooling talents. Just like a cabinet of curiosities, every year shows a taste for variety and innovation.

Exile. exit. this year questions the contemporary migration issue. Tension and contradiction rise in our ancient democratic societies claiming to be born from the Enlightenment, while being unable to welcome refugee seeking asylum from oppression. Our territory has been caught in that situation for twenty years. At the heart of Europe, it has become a dead end to ten thousand people in transit, without any status, made invisible. The way we treat the oppressed might be the end of our legitimacy as true democracy. Artists, philosophers and researchers will take you on a journey through these questions.

We will broaden the perspective by focusing on two regions, both departure point and arrival point: the Middle-East and Taiwan, in partnership with the centre culturel de Taiwan in Paris. The National Performing Arts Center and the Bureau Français in Taipei and the Institut Français.