Another look at memory

starting from 12 years
  • 2019
    • Sat. 16 March. > 7pm (bus start, 5.30pm > 5€)


unité > 16 €
abo > 8 €

dance phénix voyageur

de Thomas Lebrun 

How crazy it is to discover year after year the rich and miscellaneous work of this productive generous artist ! From burlesque play resembling parties to more abstract plays, he likes to create a surprise. This time he pays a tribute to Marguerite Duras’s writing, Phil Glass’s music and to his three actors’ talent – Anne-Emmanuelle, Anne-Sophie and Raphael, soon joined by a brand new actor, Maxime. A tribute that’s quite a feat for these wonderful dancers who challenge themselves with elegant and complex movements. Legs, arms, chests limitlessly combine subtle variations, structuring a voluntarily limited space. Winding, curving, the lines hug the music. Everything feeds the impression of highly technical and beautiful timeless dancing.


avec Maxime Aubert, Raphaël Cottin, Anne Emmanuelle Deroo, Anne-Sophie Lancelin
musique Philip Glass
création lumière Jean-Marc Serre
création son Mélodie Souquet
costumes  Jeanne Guellaff
production Centre chorégraphique national de Tours
coproduction Festival de Danse – Cannes, Le Triangle – Scène conventionnée danse de Rennes

dans le cadre du festival Le Grand Bain en coréalisation avec le Gymnase CDCN

spectacle suivi d’une Incroyablement Magnifique Fête Dansante Frites-Bière.