À vif

  • 2019
    • Wed. 20 March. > 8pm (bus start, 6.30pm > 5€)


tarif unique > 9 €

theatre phénix voyageur

Kery James et Jean-Pierre Baro

Kery James, humanist rap singer and poet, writes a verbal jousting in line with our world. Two lawyers confront one another, the voices of two opposite sides of France – the wealthy and the outcast. An intense agora and some political radical theatre. With his sense of protest and his committed speech, Kery James sold out Bercy and les Bouffes du Nord. Humanist poet, rap singer, language creator, words are like weapons to him, a libertarian weapon. After a twenty-year career, he questions his weapon and writes a dialogue. Two voices are confronting in a realistic jousting. Two lawyers defend two opposing sides. To the first one, the government is responsible for the estate crisis. The second one declares that every citizen is responsible for his condition. They burst out, yell. They laugh too for this is a contest happening at the end of law school. It consists in a brilliant playful verbal fight.