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espace culturel Barbara - Petite-Forêt

starting from 14 years
  • 2020
    • Thu. 01 October. > 20h30
    • Fri. 02 October. > 20h30
    • Sat. 03 October. > 20h30


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theatre outside the walls

Nelly Pulicani | Maxime Taffanel | Collectif Colette

Before becoming an actor , Maxime Taffanel was a pool aficionado. This former expert of the butterfly stroke sprint exalts a life set by rhythm of effort, quest of the perfect movement and battle against time. Let’s go for it !

Alone on a bare stage, the former high-level swimmer become an actor takes us in Larie’s everyday life – a young man dreaming himself as a champion like Michael Phelps, but who’s currently eaten alive by anxiety. What is a performance ? What does self-fulfillment mean ? Dressed in a bathing suit, swimming cap and googles, Maxime Taffanel tells an ever-ending battle against time, the pain of fright stage, competition, etc… Mostly, he exalts his relationship to water, expressing gracefully the fluidity of sliding in water. Movements are repeated tilll they look like krumping dance and a burlesque poetic choreography never against the flow.


idée originale et texte Maxime Taffanel
adaptation et mise en scène Nelly Pulicani
jeu Maxime Taffanel
création musicale Maxence Vandevelde
lumières Pascal Noel
régie Paul Berthomé
conseils costumes Elsa Bourdin
administration Léa Fort

production Collectif Colette
co-production Comédie de Picardie, Amiens

avec le soutien de la SPEDIDAM et de l’ENSAD Montpellier.

ce spectacle est accueilli en résidence à la Corpus Fabrique, au Clos Sauvage, au Théâtre de L’Opprimé et au Théâtre de Vanves

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