grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2021
    • Wed. 20 January. > 15:00
    • Thu. 21 January. > 19:00
    • Fri. 22 January. > 19:00
theatre young audience and family viewing

Julie Tenret / Sicaire Durieux / Sandrine Heyraud 

Another Sunday like any other … Almost like any other. Outside, the weather is awful. The living room walls are shuddering. A small family tries to protect its everyday routine till the point of absurdity. Meanwhile, a team of wildlife reporters is on the road riding the world to direct a documentary showing the lives of the last species still living on earth.

Actors, video, objects, hyperreal human-sized puppets make up this so-called absurd show, and yet true mirror of our lives. The members of the family are deeply absorbed by their everyday lives. A small community to whom an imminent end seems as distant as unreal. They need to keep their routine and spend a peaceful Sunday no matter what. No matter the Flood ! Wildlife reporters catch the last living species to keep records of what’s been disappearing before their eyes… The Focus & Chaliwaté companies present a committed show never pompous and full of quirky poetry.   


Family show. From the age of 15


Text and direction Julie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud
cast Julie Tenret, Sicaire Durieux, Sandrine Heyraud, Muriel Legrand, Thomas Dechaufour, Shantala Pèpe or Christine Heyraud