Grensgeval / Borderline

grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2017
    • Thu. 12 October. > 8 pm
    • Fri. 13 October. > 8 pm


tarif A 23 € / 20 € / 18 € / 16 €
carte phénix 18 € / 14 € / 10 €

theatre premieres, associate artists, European Creative Hub Campus

Elfriede Jelinek
Guy Cassiers
Maud Le Pladec

First part of a diptych on the political, emotional and social consequences of immigration in Europe, Borderline is an adaptation of Elfriede Jelinek’s political paper. In 2013 she gave a chance to speak to asylum seekers – who were too often reduced to a anonymous crowd.
To the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature, the refugee is the symbolic figure telling the current atmosphere in Europe. She strikes up a debate on individual moral values and the politician’s responsibility. Through an acerbic writing, she calls on society’s subconscious, mixing up references to great works of world literature and populist clichés and prejudices. A text in which the point of view often belongs to the refugee but sometimes to the scared white European too. In his adaptation, Guy Cassiers creates a polyphonic narrative where four actors directly speak to the audience, thus giving a chance to speak to the refugee while Europe refuses to give him that chance. In parallel to this stream of words, the director asks the French choreographer Maud Le Pladec to lead a fifteen-dancer group. On a stripped-down stage full of information boards about the migration issue, the dancers give body, flesh and movement to our human brother came from another shore.


avec Lukas Smolders, Abke Haring, Katelijne Damen, Han Kerckhoffs
et les danseurs du jeune ballet de Lyon Laura Anglade, Nina Barbé, Lily Brieu, Mélen Cazenave, Romane Piffaut, Kostia Choix, Gaspard Charon, Pierre Chauvin-Brunet, Guillaume Forestier, Bastien Gache, Valentin Henri, Franck Sammartano

traduction Tom Kleijn 
dramaturgie  Dina Dooreman  
conception costumes Tim Van Steenbergen 
scénographie Tim Van Steenbergen
conception vidéo Frederik Jassogne
conception son Diederick De Cock
conception lumière Fabiana Piccioli
production Toneelhuis
coproduction le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création, CCNO Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans, La Filature Scène nationale de Mulhouse, Festival d’Avignon, CDN Orléans, scène nationale d’Orléans en collaboration avec Conservatoire royal d’Anvers formation danse AP Hogeschool CNSMD Lyon avec le soutien de la Ville d’Anvers



> rencontre avec l’équipe artistique à l’issue de la représentation du 12

> retrouvez La petite fille de Monsieur Linh, mis en scène par Guy Cassiers, dans le cadre du Cabaret de Curiosités

> workshop avec les danseurs (date à confirmer)

Every year, the European creative Hub initiates a few cooperations with world famous artists. Such collaborations enable the project to circulate more widely. The artists are the driving force in the emerging artists’ development. Guy Cassiers is a master director in today’s European theatre. Throughout the next season, the European creative hub will be building a partnership with him on the migration issue. It will be the opportunity to present two of his plays, Borderline in October and La petite fille de Monsieur Linh in March. A Belgian version of the Iraqi refugee and artist Mokkhallad Rassem’s Soulseekers will also be performed. He will also meet the local refugees. Guy Cassiers is also a mentor to Laurent Bazin who will present L’Amour et les forêts, inspired from Eric Reinhardt’s novel.

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