Rituel 4 : Le Grand Débat

grand théâtre - phénix

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  • 2021
    • Wed. 03 February. > 20:00


Tarif B


Emilie Rousset | Louise Hémon

The political debate taking place between the two rounds of the presidential elections is a strong tradition of the Fifth Republic. Verbal jousting matches with cutting remarks in which rhetoric is an art ( a martial art). The perfect material for a theatrical play playing with archives and television language.

In Grand Débat the fourth opus of their series « Rituels », directors Emilie Rousset and Louise Hémon remake a TV debate like the one taking place between the two rounds of the presidential elections. As a script, the 1974 (Giscard-Mitterrand) and the 2017 (Macron-Le Pen) transcribed dialogues humorously edited and playing with chronology to create an asynchronous echo with today. Around the table, two actors facing each other play these extracts before the audience and the cameras. The TV set and live television language are staged. Democratic ritual or TV ritual? The frontier may be blurry.


Design, direction and scenography Emilie Rousset, Louise Hémon
cast Emmanuelle Lafon, Laurent Poitrenaux et la voix de Leïla Kaddour- Boudadi