Romance Familier

  • 2019
    • Fri. 24 May. > 8pm
    • Sat. 25 May. > 8pm

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Ana Borralho et João Galante

In their last shows, Ana Borralho and Joao Galante cast non professional actors in their artistic creation to encourage contact and the relationship between artists and different audiences and communities. After Atlas in 2015 and Gâchette du bonheur in 2016 performed at the phénix and the Boulon during the Ateliers nomades, Romance Familier is a play about loneliness, technologies and social structure. Its objective is to reflect on artificial intelligence and human reality. The title of the play comes from a Japanese society gathering actors hired to play different parts – the boyfriend during a family dinner, friends to take selfies with, a father taking a child to day care, etc… The structure of the play lies on a game of questions and conversations between artists, artificial intelligence apps (Siri, Zo, TapTapSee…) brought in in turn by the 12 non professional actors. The audience gathered in small groups of volunteers will be put in a 360 degrees immersive experience. The objective is to create a situation in which the audience has the power to decide on the coming events.