les remèdes de l’âme 2017 2018


Les Remèdes de l’âme is the first partnership between a theatre and a hospital : a four-year partnership between le phénix and Valenciennes hospital.

Art has a mysterious therapeutic power. That is why working together seemed like a good idea. It may be the opportunity to offer to the patients and their kins (over 2 million people a year) as well as the hospital staff (over 5 000 employees) a suited cultural programming that would be performed within the hospital. A four-year commitment to forge links and bring as much spirit and kindness as possible.

For two years, artists who performed on the phénix’ stage have been meeting people staying at the hospital for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks and bringing them art and culture.

Several shows, workshops and residencies have been happening at the hospital, in the entrance hall or within services close to the patients. Classical music, song, dance, circus… There will be more to come : artistic breaks full of strong emotion born from kindness and humanity.


> L’Orchestre de Picardie > 19 september > 3pm
> Defracto company, Croute,  > 13 décember > 5pm
>  DFS  > 16 february > 12.30am
> Speakeasy > 4 April > 12.30am
>  L’Homme V, Vincent Warin > 21 June > 3pm