Au coeur de l’océan

Opéra of Lille

  • 2021
    • Fri. 05 February. > 20:00


18,50€ / 15€ / 11,50€ / 9€

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Halory Goerger | Frédéric Blondy | Arthur Lavandier | Ensemble le Balcon 

They are young, and there are three of them. Combining their audacity and their taste for crazy gags, they fomented what should be called an opera.

Author of a Germinal petaradant, the Lillian Halory Goerger admits «to work on the history of ideas because everything else was already taken», and signs here the libretto and the direction. As for the musical score, it is written with four hands: on the one hand, Frédéric Blondy, passionate about experimental music, improvisations and electro and artistic director of the ONCEIM; on the other, Arthur Lavandier, author of a resounding First Murder and now known for his ability to tell musical stories to the youngest (The Legend of the Dragon King or cheerful variations on the Marriage of Figaro). These three explorers, accompanied by the adventurous musicians of Le Balcon, propose to leave Au cœur de l’océan to discover “fish that have swallowed a flashlight, jellyfish with long filaments like highways, octopus luminescent hermaphrodites…” , and some new sound experiments, immersing the room in the acoustic depths.