La Labyrinthe des passions (titre provisoire)

  • 2019
    • Sat. 04 May. > to be confirmed

time and location to be confirmed

classical and baroque music live music premieres, associate artists, campus... outside the walls

Laurent Bazin, Yannick Lemaire (Harmonia Sacra)


Inside the Operabus, director Laurent Bazin and musicians from the Harmonia Sacra strike up a conversation and take a contemporary look at passion and emotions typical of baroque music and its sensory expression.
Baroque musical ethics grow while being convinced that melody changes the soul in the same powerful way as wine and drugs. At the beginning of the 17th century, the idea of finding again this power makes the scientists dream, the same wish will grow inside musical milieus. Composers invent a new musical language to move and touch the soul, aware that music can hold passions as much as it can trigger them. One just needs to know the way perception works.
Born in 1981, director Laurent Bazin broaches the most unusual subjects in his theatrical work : plastic surgery, comic books, spiritualist doctrine or sensory marketing. Every time, he tries to create some new way to articulate text and image : false lecture, medieval thriller, science-fiction fable, visual ballet, shadow play…
In the intimacy of the Operabus, he won’t fail to take you in his dreamlike world and question your perception of sound by immersing you in musical  affects and the maze of your passions. In his play, everything can happen !