Les Récréations Divertissement instrumental sous Louis XV

L'avant scène - phénix

starting from 10 years
  • 2019
    • Sat. 12 January. > 7 pm


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classical and baroque music live music

When Louis XIV died, the court of Versailles who’s been smothering at a dark bigoted time could take a deep breath again. During the first years of regency and then at young and radiant Louis XV’s advent, musical taste changed and one got excited for a new style – les récréations en musique. These fickle and inventive instrumental plays enabled a whole generation of composers to finally meet success. No more scholarly prayers and endless protocol balls ! Now people swear only by delightful conversations and masked ball !

Ballets de village  Joseph Bodin de Boismortier
Sonates  Jean-Féry Rebel
Ouvertures  Jean-Philippe Rameau


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