Weinberg / Mozart

starting from 14 years
  • 2020
    • Fri. 06 November. > 18:00


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Orchestre National de Lille | Michał Nesterowicz | Alexander Gavrylyuk


The ONL accompanies the Ukrainian Alexander Gavrylyuk and the Polish Michal Nesterowicz in an exciting instrumental dialogue. Between passion and softness, this programme brings together the forgotten genius Mieczysław Weinberg and the eternal Mozart.


Considered one of the greatest composers of his time, and even the equal of Prokofiev, Mieczysław Weinberg (1919-96) remains unfairly unknown. Treasure of the Polish repertoire (more than 500 works!), the Chamber Symphony No. 4, here directed by the great conductor Michal Nesterowicz, bears witness to a melancholy and flamboyant style, not unlike that of his mentor and friend Dmitry Shostakovich. Mozart no longer needs to be presented. As early as the Austrian genius (he gave his first recital at the age of 9), the Ukrainian virtuoso Alexander Gavrylyuk gives thanks to his radiant Piano Concerto nº 21, during a pure moment of poetry.


direction Michal Nesterowicz
soliste Alexander Gavrylyuk       

Weinberg (Mieczyslaw) Symphonie de Chambre n°4
Mozart Concerto pour piano n°21