Through the looking – Glass

grand théâtre - phénix

  • 2021
    • Sat. 09 January. > 18:30
live music

Quatuor Tana


In residence for the second year in a row, the Tana Quartet is a leading figure in contemporary music. Always up for a challenge, the quartet’s innovative spirit extends from performance to research and collaboration. Passionate champions of electroacoustic music, Tana will share the stage with electronic artist Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis, performing music by Philip Glass.

Tana has partnered with major music research centers, including IRCAM and Art Zoyd, as well as composers of electroacoustic works such as Daniel D’Adamo and Christophe Havel. Now, Tana is taking a step in a new direction by inviting electronic producer Alice Guerlot-Kourouklis to become an integral part of the ensemble in this program featuring the music of Philip Glass. Glass’s repetitive style lends itself to creating loops and building intoxicating musical arcs of strings enhanced by electronics. The concert is made even more powerful by Serge Meyer’s video and light design


Quatuor Tana est en résidence à la phénix scène nationale ECH Valenciennes 

le collectif Tana est soutenu par la DRAC des Hauts de France au titre des ensenbles conventionnés et par la Spedidamla Sacem et l’Adami