starting from 6 years
  • 2019
    • Wed. 24 April. > 3pm and 6pm
    • Sat. 27 April. > 3pm and 6pm
    • Sat. 04 May. > 3pm and 6pm
    • Sat. 11 May. > 3pm and 6pm


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young audience and family viewing theatre outside the walls

Philippe Asselin et Nathalie Le Corre

Cosmogony gathers a group of mythologies telling the creation of the world and men. How did civilisations imagine, dream and tell their origin ? Cosmopoème mixes all kinds of interpretations – scientific, religious, philosophical, poetic and artistic analysis to allow young people to see how the world invented itself over and over again… Cosmopoème is written in languages from all over the world – poems and chanting from Mongolian tribes, Babylonian poems written in ancien Egypt, African Asian Oceanian Western myths of creation. Many words, songs and dance to celebrate life and read the mystery of man’s origins. It is a way to show how man has always been the creator of his own world. With dancing, songs and texts from Cosmopoème, children from today will write in their turn the cosmogony of a new world.

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